Friends of Amelia Island, Inc. - registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit

Friends of Amelia Inland, Inc. is an IRS registered and Florida incorporated 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.  All contributions are tax deductible in accordance with IRS rulings.

A copy of the official registration and IRS Form 990 can be obtained by sending an email to

Friends of Amelia Island - The Company

Although we first started thinking about this idea soon after vacationing on Amelia Island – way back in 2002 – we completed the paperwork in 2019.  We have been making slow progress as time permits.  We feel getting Friends of Amelia Island up and running is a journey with several distinct phases.

Phase 1, which began in 2019, focuses on setting up the legal nonprofit entity and to create the Friends of Amelia Island website.  A key component of this work is the learning.  Besides a some legal assistance, we have been doing everything ourselves.  Like learning the paperwork for running a nonprofit and how to create a website using WordPress.

Phase 2, which will happen in  2020 is the “official” launch of the website.  I consider this the date it is submitted to Google for search indexing, along with the similar activities for Facebook, Twitter, etc.  A key hurdle here is consolidate the content and the many ideas we have.  Concurrently we will be spinning up a regular cadence of Friends of Amelia Island events like beach clean ups, having shirts to hand out, using social media, or even posting flyers, about events.  As an initial step Friends of Amelia Island adopted Ocean Ave.

Phase 3, which I’m not targeting for mid-2021 is to work on growing the awareness of Friends of Amelia Island.  For example, we self-created Friends of Amelia Island t-shirts, but currently only two.  More will come, but also in this phase we will start a dedicated effort for submitting grant forms and running Green Drinks Amelia Island (see

Friends of Amelia Island - The People

Dan A.

The Technology guy, that likes living at the beach and making memories with the wife and family. We have six boys.

Becky B.

The softer side of Dan & Becky. The glue that keeps the family together and happy. The prettiness of this website is from Becky.

Dan and Becky started Friends of Amelia Island, but soon we will be dragging in our children and grandchildren to help out.

First Friends of Amelia Island community cleanup - 12/27/2020

Desired Purpose of this Page - This page is still a work in progress.

This is where we will talk in more detail about us, and how we see Friends of Amelia Island, the non-profit organization, growing and helping community of Amelia Island.  For example, the planned beach and street cleanups, planting trees, working with Keep Nassau Beautiful, working with UNF on an internship, promoting the healthy lifestyle habits Blue Zones, etc.